[Memories] War memories. Pt2

Today is April’s fools day, the day when all of us are usually joke and laugh. But not this year, the year when Ukraine sacrifice herself to protect the freedom, protect the world.

So, as I wrote in a Pt1, the year 2022 stopped for me and my family on 24th of February. Starting from 24th of February we all started counting each day Ukraine started suffering from russian aggression. Personally for me this war can be separated to 3 periods:

1. The beginning of the war, the time I remember almost everything that happened.
2. The period of time when time squashed and our life consisted of constant repeatings of “Siren → Bomb shelter → Siren all clear → Make some food and eat if possible or WC if possible”
3. The time we had to leave my parents, home, Chernihiv and go to Kyiv.

The first days of war were fed up. I remember the time when my father tried to join the Territory forces to protect our nearest district. At that point of time a lot of men were already in the queue and that queue was already overwhelmed. Only some time after my father got succeed at joining forces and got the weapon.

Almost immediately russian forces tried to use diverse groups to mark civil houses all over the city for the russian aircrafts and bombers so they know where to attack. I recall how myself and other guys were sicking for the marks on my building roof and in parallel watching how our forces use Grads in 100 meters of us. I will never forget what I felt that time — pride trust and faint in our forces.

And no fear.

Because fear is what russia, russian horde and putin himself pulpiteer. This is what they want Ukrainians feel, the whole world feel. And they failed. That time when the whole world felt fear about russia came to the end. No one is afraid of the “second army” of the world anymore. No one is afraid of the dyrov-kadyrov army — the only place they are “warriors” is a tiktok. And the most thing I am proud of is that Ukrainians beat and send them to hell without even sticks in their hands. No fear is a russian’s death.

During the first days we were running in and out of bomb shelter for about 4 times a day. We were sleeping there, as much as it was possible to do this there. Because the only one who could sleep there was my son — we built something that looked like a bed for him (potato sacks and a mattress on top). Few days later we found a bed frame abandoned by one of the neighbors and took it to use it as a bed for adults.

That continued for 5 days. Why? Because on 5th day of war my father was bitten by the rat while asleep. After this happened, we stopped sleeping in a bomb shelter because it was dangerous there. Actually there was a question — where is more dangerous in a shelter or in an apartment. We decided that we’d rather be alive without a plague in an apartment than with plague but in shelter. But that was a decision regarding the night. We decided to go to the bomb shelter any way, but not to fall asleep there.

On 7th of March I got a trauma. One of the days when we were going to the shelter I slipped and twisted my leg. I could not step on to my leg for about 3 days and my family decided to be with me at home when siren turns on. We just found a place according to the “2 walls” rule — this was a corridor between my and neighbours apartments. And starting from that day we always went to that corridor when siren turned on. Until the day we lost the electricity and internet connection.

To be continued…


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